GEMS 1: Shining Bright

This introductory session is designed for girls going into grades 6-8. During Shining Bright, girls discover the seven survival priorities: positive mental attitude, first aid, shelter, firecraft, signaling, water, and food. This experience introduces girls to the parallels between each survival priority and their lives in the “front country.”

GEMS 2: Digging Deeper

This session is also a five-day overnight experience during which Girls Empowered will be challenged to step further outside their comfort zones by building on the skills and understandings they gained during GEMS 1.

GEMS 3: Rock On

Avid Girls Empowered are invited to Rock On for another intensive five-day overnight experience focused on personal development and empowerment.

GEMS: Polishing Up

Polishing Up is designed to introduce older girls to the GEMS program by combining the GEMS 1 and 2 experiences into a single five-day overnight session.